Digital Art

Vector Art, Outline Art, Minimalistic Art; this kind of simple, cartoonish, digital art is known by many names and is often trademarked with little to no shading, but lots of lines and details, while the subjects remain "faceless".

The image: Make sure the image is high resolution, if you're not sure if your image is or not, please make sure your image is around 3000px on the long edge. The larger the image the better! Please no downloaded images from Facebook!

Submission: Please email and attach your image with the email title as "Digital Art for your name". Please include any background preferences, or specify if you would like me to choose the background based on the colors and tones in the image.

Invoice: I will send you an invoice which must be paid before I start on your custom artwork.

Delivery: You can expect the final image within 1 week of you payment. Your image will be delivered via email. You will receive a JPEG and a PDF file

Edits: If you would like the background changed, or anything else changed, the first edit is free! After that, you will be invoiced at $20 per edit.

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