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about me

I'm Miranda! Half logical brain, half creative brain. Passionate about health, life, and photography

I remember as a child always wanting to play with my parents film cameras, and later, the camcorder. Since a young age I've enjoyed seeing things in different ways.

But it wasn't until high school that I fell in love with photography. Sitting in bed late at night reading books about shooting in manual mode, I realized this is what I wanted. I shot many weddings (the first one being for only $20 at the age of 17!), families, and seniors while in college where I graduated with a Business Communication degree.

Since then, I have been incredibly blessed by my business and my clients. I have been able to travel from New York, to Oregon, to Texas, and even to Canada and Guam, to shoot weddings!

In the middle of all of this, I also got to marry my high school sweetheart, Jake, in 2015. We have lived in 4 states (but have settled in Idaho), have a Boston Terrier named Bentley, and our sweet son, Calvin. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see lots of my life in my Stories!

Much love!

My Favorite Things

Being a wife and mother is the sweetest, most fulfilling thing I can be on this earth. These are my favorite people, and I love them to death!

01. My Family

There's something so healing about nature -mountains and water are my favorite- and sunshine. Thankfully there's a lot of all of it here in Idaho!

02. Idaho in all its glory

I'm not very good at it, but I love to dance. I love a good ol' reception party to end a great day! Celebrating with my couples is the best!

03. a Good reception party

I really enjoy walking through the Boise Rose Garden, or a trip to A Succulent Day for a new plant! Sure I've killed a couple, but I love them all!

04. Flowers & plants

I've loved learning for as long as I can remember! So it makes sense that I enjoy reading; wether for pleasure or to expand my business!

05. Reading & Learning

I care for my couples deeply!! My couples' love and joy for each other is obvious to everyone they meet. My couples choose who they surround themselves with thoughtfully, they choose their wedding vendor team with mindfulness; taking into account what each vendor brings to the table. They are kind and thoughtful, selflessly helping those around them. They love nature, getting little treats when they run errands, and celebrating any meaningful event - big or small.

My couples love each other in
little ways that feel big.

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